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This was easily the craziest race I've ever had, not because of the race but because of what went on prior to the race - and it kind of continued a bit during the race. THE SLOT First, how I ended up at this race. When Ironman announced back in July 2022 that they would add 100 Women For Tri slots to certain races, I started looking. Women For Tri is a foundation by Ironman and its goal is to support women for doing triathlons. I don't think most men realize how much harder it is for a woman to...

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My friend called me the other day and asked: "Do you ever feel like you don't want to train?" I knew exactly what he meant because I just went through the same experience for a week prior to that call and I was just about out of the water (not completely yet) by the time we talked. I have been training for triathlons consistently (meaning with a coach) for 4 years now but I have never experienced overtraining before - until last week. I spent the 3 years prior to that training without a coach, just on my own and...

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