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I will start with the results because there are some things to be proud of. It was a World Championship event, 3 races in one. There was a race for the Canadian Championship, another one for the individual World Championship and a third one for the World Championship Country. There were 21 countries and Canada came third behind Belgium and the US. Personally I came 7th out of the 15 Canadians and 62nd out of the 300 participants worldwide. I ran for 34 hours covering 227 kms. Day 1 - still smiling. Before the rain started. I'm disappointed in my...

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I hear this a lot: "I won, but..." . "I came 3rd, but...". Usually it continues with "there were only so many people in the race" or "this or that happened to someone else who was ahead". In the last year, I learned a very important lesson. It was hard to embrace it first, but I think it is extremely important. THERE IS NO BUT! There shouldn't be, there can't be! Winning a race is about two things: who shows up at the start and who is still there at the finish. It is not about who is the fastest,...

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A lot of people ask me if I race as Hungarian or Canadian at international events. Most of the time these questions come from national associations or the media. I would like to address the issue because it is an important one for me. The short answer is: in triathlon I race as Hungarian; in running I race as Canadian. This came about coincidentally but once I realized this is how things naturally worked out, I embraced it and decided to keep it this way. I feel it truly represents who I am and that I look at both countries...

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