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My friend called me the other day and asked: "Do you ever feel like you don't want to train?" I knew exactly what he meant because I just went through the same experience for a week prior to that call and I was just about out of the water (not completely yet) by the time we talked. I have been training for triathlons consistently (meaning with a coach) for 4 years now but I have never experienced overtraining before - until last week. I spent the 3 years prior to that training without a coach, just on my own and...

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This was the race I have been training for for the last 2 years! It was cancelled last year but luckily it went ahead this year. Normally the Long Course Championship for ITU is a different distance than Ironman, I guess just to differentiate themselves somehow. But I prefer the Ironman distance which is what it was this year! Every now and then they choose a venue of an existing race for the championship and run it at the classic full distance of 3800m (2.4mi) swim, 180km (112mi) bike and marathon run of 42.2km (26.2mi).  Hungarian friends, left to right:...

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A lot of people ask me if I race as Hungarian or Canadian at international events. Most of the time these questions come from national associations or the media. I would like to address the issue because it is an important one for me. The short answer is: in triathlon I race as Hungarian; in running I race as Canadian. This came about coincidentally but once I realized this is how things naturally worked out, I embraced it and decided to keep it this way. I feel it truly represents who I am and that I look at both countries...

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