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I'm not a patient person to be honest... and that is not great when you have way too many races on your bucket list. You just want to do them all, all now, not understanding that there will be a season in 2023, 2024 and even beyond... mind you, I already have races in my calendar for 2024 too!!! I find it really hard to stay focused and not throw too many unimportant bucket list races in the schedule. Right now I'm trying to take things out rather than add new ones but when I manage to prune it a little...

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The easy and short answer is: because we are all so different and what works for one might not work for others. However, isn't it still strange that when you put in "how to run a 24h ultramarathon" or "best race strategy for 24h ultramarathon" nothing comes up except a few forum posts and a few tips here and there? No comprehensive strategy guide? If you google "best marathon race strategy" you will have pages and pages of tips, some advocating for negative splits, some for even splits, telling you to split it up into chunks, how to calculate the...

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I will start with the results because there are some things to be proud of. It was a World Championship event, 3 races in one. There was a race for the Canadian Championship, another one for the individual World Championship and a third one for the World Championship Country. There were 21 countries and Canada came third behind Belgium and the US. Personally I came 7th out of the 15 Canadians and 62nd out of the 300 participants worldwide. I ran for 34 hours covering 227 kms. Day 1 - still smiling. Before the rain started. I'm disappointed in my...

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