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At this point for me it is all about the Dome. I will run my first ever 6-day event there between June 20-26 and I have high hopes for what I can do. I entered Alexander County because there are still a few things I would like to figure out for the Dome. My approach is that with 3 little kids who are only 6, 8 and 10, I can't really afford to take off for 6-day races (which means 10 days away) on a regular basis. So I'm trying to get the first one right and then be done and...

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I will start with the results because there are some things to be proud of. It was a World Championship event, 3 races in one. There was a race for the Canadian Championship, another one for the individual World Championship and a third one for the World Championship Country. There were 21 countries and Canada came third behind Belgium and the US. Personally I came 7th out of the 15 Canadians and 62nd out of the 300 participants worldwide. I ran for 34 hours covering 227 kms. Day 1 - still smiling. Before the rain started. I'm disappointed in my...

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„You know what would be a LOT of fun? To do that IM distance race in Hungary” - I wrote to my coach, responding to his comments saying I should be doing things that I find fun now that my whole season was wiped out, including my planned A-race of the ITU Long-Course Worlds in Amsterdam, Holland. He was referring to our local unofficial TT races that I had fun participating in. There was no response to my email - just pure silence. I don't blame him, he was probably thinking „you must be kidding me” - the race was less...

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