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I hear this a lot: "I won, but..." . "I came 3rd, but...". Usually it continues with "there were only so many people in the race" or "this or that happened to someone else who was ahead". In the last year, I learned a very important lesson. It was hard to embrace it first, but I think it is extremely important. THERE IS NO BUT! There shouldn't be, there can't be! Winning a race is about two things: who shows up at the start and who is still there at the finish. It is not about who is the fastest,...

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So many times in my life I saw someone achieve something and I thought "if he can do it, I can do it!". That's how I became a professional poker player back in 2005 and I'm still the highest ranked Hungarian female in the world of poker. I finished 13th at the WSOP World Championships in 2009. Before I started learning the rules of the game of poker I had met a friend of my then-boyfriend-now-husband who had been making millions of dollars from playing online poker and I thought "if he can do it, I can do it!". Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza,...

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„You know what would be a LOT of fun? To do that IM distance race in Hungary” - I wrote to my coach, responding to his comments saying I should be doing things that I find fun now that my whole season was wiped out, including my planned A-race of the ITU Long-Course Worlds in Amsterdam, Holland. He was referring to our local unofficial TT races that I had fun participating in. There was no response to my email - just pure silence. I don't blame him, he was probably thinking „you must be kidding me” - the race was less...

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