Keto Chocolate Cake Mix

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2 g net carbs / prepared slice! This delicious Keto Chocolate Cake Mix can make your keto diet easy. Indulge guilt-free! Only 140 calories / prepared slice. Just add eggs and milk.

This Keto Chocolate Cake Mix is gluten-free, all-natural, no sugar added. The mix is vegan so prepare with egg replacement and non-dairy milk for a delicious vegan low-carb keto chocolate cake!

Suitable for a variety of diets, including keto diet, low carb diet, WeightWatchers, Dr. Bernstein diet, Dr. Poon diet, Atkins diet, diabetics, and many more.

The package doesn't contain frosting. You can buy ready-made sugar-free cake frosting or you can make your own following the recipe below.

The easiest keto-friendly frosting is whipped coconut milk or coconut cream. Here is how to make it:

Chill a can of coconut milk or coconut cream in the fridge overnight. Take the hard part of the coconut milk or cream (put liquid aside for other use), add your sweetener of choice (1/4-3/4 cup). You can also add (optional) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract if you like. Whip the coconut cream or milk until a nice whipped cream consistency is achieved. You can use it right away or chill it to harden and then put it on your cake. Enjoy!