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You are subscribing to receive one large bag of Keto Starter Pack with 3 mixes in each (Keto Muffin Mix, Keto Pizza Crust Mix, Keto Pancake and Waffle Mix) every month for the next 3, 6 or 12 months. Discounts are applied on the already discounted package price!!!

With your 3 months subscription you are getting 10% discount ($43.49 per pack).

With your 6 months subscription you are getting 15% discount ($40.79 per pack).

With your 12 months subscription you are getting 20% discount ($38.39 per pack).

We will send your first package out at the time of your order and then the first week of every month. If you order the last week of a month, then you will get your next package in 5 weeks (instead of the following week).

You will be charged for the full length of the subscription at the time of your order. If you cancel your subscription at any point, you will get a refund for the orders that haven't shipped out yet, but you will be charged full price (no discount) and shipping for the orders that have already shipped.