Protein Pizza or Low Carb Pizza? (Protein mixes vs low carb mixes)

I get the question very often: should I buy your Low Carb product line like Low Carb Pizza, Low Carb Muffin, Low Carb Pancake, Low Carb Granola or shall I go with the High Proteinproduct line with Protein Pizza, Protein Pancake, Protein Muffin, Protein Granola?

Short answer

If you want to just get an answer and move on, here it is: if you are eating enough protein in your diet, then go with the low carb line. If you need more protein because you are not getting enough, buy the high protein line. That is because the only difference between the two lines is the protein content. The high protein line is still low in carbohydrates.

The story behind the two product lines

Here is a little longer answer. When I first started my diet after giving birth to 3 children and finding myself 50 lbs over my normal weight, I just drank a protein shake for dinner (and sometimes for breakfast too). Once I got bored of the protein shakes and wanted something that will be just as low in carbs and high in protein, I developed the HoldTheCarbs High Protein products.

So I would swap my morning protein shake for a Protein Pancake or Protein Muffin. The reason I had to make my own version of these  products was that all the protein pancakes and protein muffins on the market were still way too high in carbohydrates for my liking (and weight loss).

Then the protein pizza came along and I loved it! However, I found that since I am drinking a protein shake for dinner and eating protein pancakes for breakfast, I really don't need to add all that protein to my lunch.

This is when the Low Carb Pizza Crust Mix was born, soon followed by ow carb pancakes and low carb muffins.

Low Carb Diet and the science behind a Low Carb High Protein Diet - why you need so much protein

If you are on a low carb diet, you need plenty of protein even if you don't exercise. A low carb diet will work perfectly well with 0 exercise too. If you do exercise, you need even more protein, and here is the reason: once you take away from your body the most readily available form of energy - carbohydrates that is - it will try to take the energy from your muscles. If you keep your muscles fully loaded with protein, there will be nothing else left for your body to burn, but fat - which is the hardest to use for energy. But this is what we want when we are trying to lose weight - to burn all that fat.

However, when you exercise, you need to feed your muscles more protein. When you don't, you still need to feed them protein, just not as much. Exess protein without exercise can also lead to weight gain, so it is a fine balance that you need to find. This is why I didn't want to add a third protein-enhanced meal and even today, I usually go with low carb for lunch, but I go with high protein for breakfast and dinner.