In Defense of Sucralose

Why Sucralose

Many people ask us about Sucralose or Splenda and why we use it in our products. We are aware that these days Sucralose is unpopular.

Both our low carb line and our high protein line are aimed at people who are either trying to lose weight or trying to keep previously lost weight off. Therefore the most important factor in choosing which sweetener to use was effect on weight loss.

Sucralose is a 0 calorie, 0 carb sweetener.

The second most important factor in developing our products was taste. Sucralose gave us the best tasting products and we will never compromise on taste.

Surcalose vs Sugar Alcohols

We find that sugar alcohols are not so great for weight loss. They are made of sugar after all. They do have calories and they are 100% carbohydrates, although we don't count them in "net carbs".

However, what we found was that sugar alcohols are not as keto-friendly as Sucralose and they can indeed stall your weight loss efforts.

We believe that there is a reason why sugar alcohols are not allowed in the induction phase of the Atkins diet, while Sucralose is.

Stevia as an alternative

We are working on finding a natural alternative to Sucralose to sweeten our products. However, since we don't want to use sugar alcohols, our only option is 100% pure Stevia.

What it will come down to is if we can make our products taste just as great with pure Stevia extract as we can with Sucralose. Since we are determined not to compromise on taste, if we are able to keep the taste and change our sweetener to Stevia, we will. Otherwise, Sucralose it is.

We will keep you updated on the progress in the next few weeks and months.